Meet Our Tour Guides

We have a terrific team of student tour guides! If you can’t take a tour in person, you can get to know them by reading their bios. Feel free to email any guide with questions about Amherst.

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Head Tour Guides

Andrew Parker '18 Name: Andrew Parker ‘18
Hometown: Denver, CO
Major(s): Biochemistry and Biophysics
On-Campus Activities: Amherst College Emergency Medical Services, Amherst Political Union
Hobbies: Basketball, Hiking, Listenting to Music
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did you choose a liberal arts school if you’re interested in science and medicine?

My name is Andrew Parker and I am a senior from Denver, Colorado. Amherst is a school that felt like my home from the moment I first set foot on campus and that sense of being at a place that I truly belong has continued to this day. One of my favorite things about Amherst is how much opportunity students have to explore their interests and discover new passions while continuing to do things that they have always loved. Before I started my freshman year, I would never have guessed that I the school would be able to help me get an EMT license or that I would truly enjoy classical music thanks to a class. Because of those opportunities, amazing professors, wonderful peers, a spectacular setting, and and intriguing classes, I’m thankful to be an Amherst student everyday. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at!

James Flatow '19

Name: James Flatow ‘19
Hometown: New York, NY
Major(s): Psychology
On-Campus Activities: Amherst College Emergency Medical Services
Hobbies: Watching sports, playing guitar, running
Favorite question asked on tours: What's it like to be pre-med at a small, liberal arts college?

My name is James Flatow, and I’m a junior from New York City (yes, the city itself – unsettling peace and quiet have replaced the horns and sirens to which I fell asleep growing up). I’m a pre-med psychology major at Amherst, though the open curriculum has cultivated academic interests across several departments. In addition to giving tours, I’m an EMT with and member of the Board of Directors of ACEMS (Amherst College Emergency Medical Services). Though schoolwork and extracurriculars claim most of my time, I’m never too busy to watch the Yankees, jam with friends in a music practice room, or run on the scenic bike path alongside campus. Please feel free to send me questions at

Tour Guides—Class of 2018

Michael Barnett '18 Name: Michael Barnett ‘18
Hometown: Davidson, NC
Major(s): Mathematics & Computer Science
Activities on campus: Theater (The Green Room, Theatrical Choreography Club, various Theater and Dance Department-sponsored shows); Pride; the Amherst United Left. I work as a Tour Guide and as a Math Fellow.
Hobbies: Theater, board games, more theater.
Favorite question asked on tours: Can I bring my pet iguana?

Hi! My name is Michael Barnett, and I'm a senior here on campus. I love theater and math, which you might think is odd because they are so different. However, I think there's a beauty to the concrete structure of mathematics and the abstract creativity of theater. That's one of the reasons I chose to come to Amherst College: the open curriculum allows me to take a wide variety of subjects in depth. At Amherst, I am able to take advanced courses in both the theater and mathematics departments, while still having many courses to spend on a variety of different interests. Amherst was also my school of choice because of its beautiful campus (just wait until you see Memorial Hill in the fall!) and because of its rigorous academics. If you have any questions about Amherst, please do not hesitate to let me know at!

Darya Bor '18 Name: Darya Bor ‘18
Major(s): Film and Media Studies
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
On-Campus Activities: Resident Counselor of Porter (Russian & German House), Salsa, Ballroom & Swing Club, Mead Art Museum, TEDxAmherst, 5 College Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Circus Magazine managing editor
Hobbies: Making art, dancing, hiking, walking in the campus woods with a good podcast
Favorite question asked on tours: What are the winters like?

Hey there Prospie! My name's Darya, and I'm a Belorussian gal, raised in Arizona and going to college in New England. I chose Amherst for its academically active culture, for its vibrant student body and enthusiastic professors. I hope to introduce you to these joys. I ardently love the variety of classes I take and enjoy my constant switch from analytical logic to moving art - and the intersections of the two. Whenever I am not working on campus projects, I am creating and consuming media, usually from my lovely room in the Russian House, Porter 2nd floor (where I'm the RC this year!). Amherst offers such amazing opportunities and I cannot wait to introduce you to them (as well as the tasty caffeine from our gracious town coffeeshops). I'm absolutely and completely happy to answer any questions that you have - simply email me at!

Matthew Chow '18 Name: Matthew Chow ‘18
Hometown: Los Altos, CA
Major(s): English & Economics
On-Campus Activities: Amherst Christian Fellowship, Terras Irradient (Amherst's Christian a capella group), Amherst Symphony Orchestra, photographer for Communications Office, research assistant for the Economics and English departments
Hobbies: In my spare time, I delight in snapping photos of my beautiful friends and beautiful campus, practicing some Bach on the violin, tinkering with Photoshop, and rooting for my hero, Steph Curry.
Favorite question asked on tours: What's the best breakfast you've eaten here?

Hello! I'm Matthew, and I'm a senior at Amherst, originally hailing from the sunny lands of Silicon Valley in California. At school, split my time between the Christian and music communities (and love exploring intersections of the two). Besides guiding tours, I'm heavily invested in Amherst Christian Fellowship, and I served both as concertmaster of the Amherst Symphony Orchestra and as director of Terras Irradient, Amherst College's Christian a capella group. These spaces have blessed me with opportunities to grow, in my music-making, in my discovery of myself, in my relationships with friends and mentors, and in my walk with the Lord. My email is - I'm more than happy to chat and answer questions, be they about specific Amherst communities, favorite English professors, or my thoughts on the Golden State Warriors' future back-to-back-to-back titles. Look forward to speaking with you!

Dakota Foster '18

Name: Dakota Foster ‘18
Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Major(s): Political Science & Asian Languages and Civilizations
On-Campus Activities: Co-Captain of Women's Lacrosse, Co-President of the Amherst Political Union, Resident Counselor (RC), Research Assistant, Community Standards Review Board (Judicial Committee), Tour Guide 
Hobbies: Running, watching the Patriots, reading, spending time outdoors
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did you choose Amherst over Williams?

I chose Amherst because of the people and the high academic caliber. Over my time here, my reasons for coming to Amherst have been reaffirmed; every day, I meet fascinating new people and have great discussions inside and outside of the classroom. I have greatly enjoyed the humanities and the open curriculum, which has allowed me to explore diverse academic interests. I've also been consistently amazed by the incredible student-faculty relationship that exists here; before Amherst, I never thought that I would design an independent course, study abroad in Jordan, or go to a professor's house for dinner. As a senior, I can say that I've done all three. I think it is very important to engage with the community beyond the classroom. I've tried to do that in various ways as an RC, an athlete on the women's lacrosse team, co-President of the Amherst Political Union, and as a member of the Judicial Committee. In my free time, you'll find me reading, working out, or cheering the Patriots to victory. Please feel free to contact me with questions about Amherst at

Krista Goebel '18 Name: Krista Goebel ‘18
Hometown: Abington, PA
Major(s): Psychology & English
On-Campus Activities: The Sabrinas (one of two all-female a cappella groups), Newman Club (Catholic community on campus), Research Assistant in Psychology, Amherst Symphony Orchestra (flute & harp), Itsy Bitsy Spikers (Intramural Volleyball Champs '16), Babysitting, Peer Mentoring, Table Tennis Club, and Orientation Leading
Hobbies: Singing, playing flute, reading poetry, and painting
Favorite question asked on tours: So, Amherst ... Do you pronounce the 'h' or no?

Hi! I’m Krista, and I’m a senior at Amherst College. I'm from Abington, Pennsylvania, a suburb just outside of Philadelphia, where I enjoy soft pretzels and cheesesteaks that simply aren’t made the same anywhere else. What I love most is communicating with and better understanding people, and I have been fortunate enough to pursue this passion not only in Psychology and English but across many different areas of study, including Black Studies, Sociology, Philosophy, and SWAGS (Sexuality, Women's, & Gender Studies). As someone who came to Amherst completely undecided in major, I deeply appreciated Amherst's open curriculum and the opportunity to take courses in so many different departments. What drew me to Amherst in the first place was its stellar academics coupled with its vibrant music program, since I had always been very involved in music and wanted to continue music performance in college. What I love about Amherst is that, yes, it has everything I was hoping for in its Music Department and then some, but as I grow and change in ways I never could have anticipated, Amherst has every resource necessary to support and facilitate my growth. Please feel free to email me anytime at so I can do one of the things I enjoy most--chit chatting about my amazing school!

Ben Greene '18 Name: Ben Greene ‘18
Hometown: New York, NY
Major(s): Political Science & Spanish
On-Campus Activities: Men's Rugby, Amherst Political Union, Vela Scholars
Hobbies: Watching sports (New York Mets & New York Giants), Reading the newspaper, Eating, Traveling
Favorite question asked on tours: Is it really your birthday?

Hi! I'm Ben Greene and a senior here at Amherst College. I'm from New York City and I am also a member of the Amherst Political Union and Amherst Club Rugby team on campus. I chose to attend Amherst because of the College's open curriculum and beautiful New England campus. I love the wide range of classes offered at Amherst and the tight-knit, genuine relationships cultivated between students and faculty. In my spare time, I am huge fan of the New York Mets and most things sports. I also love working with kids and I tutor students at the Amherst Regional Middle School as a part of the Vela Scholars Program. I look forward to seeing you here at Amherst and don't hesitate to ask me any questions at

Lily Johnson '18 Name: Lily Johnson ‘18
Hometown: Lausanne, Switzerland
Major(s): Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought
On-Campus Activities: ABC House Tutor, WAMH 89.3 Radio DJ, Women's Basketball, HerCampus Amherst, The Amherst Student LJST Office Assistant, Note Taker for Disabilities Services, Community Standards Review Board
Hobby: Cheering the loudest at Amherst Women's Basketball games
Favorite question asked on tours: How are you so good at walking backwards?  

Although I am an American citizen, I have lived abroad my whole life and have spent the most significant time in Switzerland. Yet, I consider Amherst, Massachusetts to be my home. I originally came to Amherst as a a member of the Women's Basketball Team. However, numerous serious injuries and three surgeries later, I now spend my time as a tour guide, working in the LJST department office, writing for HerCampus Amherst, working for the Disabilities Services Office, tutoring at the ABC House in town, serving as a member of the Community Standards Review Board, and cheering as loudly as I can for our nationally ranked women's basketball team. The people at Amherst: from my professors, to my friends, to my first year dorm custodian, have supported me and taught me invaluable lessons over my past two years at Amherst, and I can’t wait for what’s in store for the next two! Would love to answer any more questions about Amherst, so feel free to reach me at

Andrew Kim ' 18.jpg Name: Andrew Kim ‘18
Hometown: Mukilteo, WA
Major(s): History & Mathematics
On-Campus Activities: Amherst College Jazz Combo, Amherst College Law Review, Peer Career Adviser, Amherst Christian Fellowship, Korean Student Association
Hobbies: Listening to jazz, taking long walks on the (Merrill) beach, reading, playing basketball, watching old Hollywood movies
Favorite question asked on tours: "Who is that guy over there?" (points at the Robert Frost statue)

My name is Andrew Kim, and I’m from Mukilteo, WA, a beautiful port city located in the suburbs of Seattle. I am currently a senior at Amherst College studying math and history, and I am in the process of writing a senior thesis focused on 20th century Asian American history. Coming to Amherst has been one of the best decisions I've made in my little life thus far. Aside from guiding tours, I play piano for one of Amherst's student-run jazz combos and split my time between Amherst Christian Fellowship and Korean Student Association. If I'm not doing schoolwork or extracurricular activities, I'm probably watching a Seahawks game or indulging myself in Audrey Hepburn movies. You can reach me at for any questions. Excited to see you all on campus!

Joon Kim '18 Name: Joon Kim ‘18
Hometown(s): Palo Alto, CA and Seoul, South Korea
Major(s): History & Mathematics
On-Campus Activities: Amherst College Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS), Asian Students Association, Amherst College Law Review
Hobby: Eating at Val
Favorite question asked on tours: What's your favorite Val menu item?

Welcome to Amherst! My name's Joon and I'm a sunior at Amherst. I grew up in both Northern California and Seoul, South Korea. My interests are as diverse as my activities on campus, but I want to highlight my favorite Val menu items: the Shrimp Po Boy sandwiches, the Buffalo Chicken Wraps, Val Burger Wraps, double cheeseburgers, waffle fries, and the steak.

Siena Koh '18 Name: Siena Koh ‘18
Hometown: Old Bethpage, NY
Major(s): Interdisciplinary & French
Activities on campus: Social Project Work Group (Branches), Jazz Combo, Dance
Hobbies: Dance, singing, cooking
Favorite question asked on tours: Recommendations for lunch in town --- Johnny's. For. Sure.

Hi! My name is Siena. I’m a senior pursuing an Interdisciplinary major and writing a thesis on food and wine, but I have taken a broad range of courses from various departments and came close to completing the French and Econ majors. Some of my favorite things here include: the stunning fall foliage in October, the blossoming trees behind Johnson Chapel in April, the open curriculum, and Homecoming. Some of my dislikes: the merciless cold of Western Mass winter, and not having my spirit animal (dog) with me at school. Outside of class, I like to play music/perform with friends, indulge in fine food and drinks, and lounge outside on the quads/Greenway decks.

Jennifer Mackinnon Krems ' 18 Name: Jennifer Mackinnon Krems ‘18
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Major(s): Economics
On-Campus Activities: Amherst College Emergency Medical System Emergency Medical Technician, Special Olympics Volunteer, Craig's Doors/Homeless Connect, Outing Club, Yoga Club
Hobbies: Backpacking, hiking, swimming, art and playing games
Favorite question asked on tours: What activities are there to do in the outdoors?

I am a pre-medical student interested in Public Health and Economics. I love the outdoors and luckily, am immersed by it here at Amherst! I feel very fortunate to have the flexibility to be a pre-medical student majoring in a social science who can also study abroad! Amherst has encouraged me to embrace a well-rounded education and lifestyle. If you have any questions at all, please email me at! I would love to chat! 

Markus Prostko '18 Name: Markus Prostko ‘18
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Major(s): Political Science
On-Campus Activities: Zumbyes, BSU, Archives assistant
Hobbies: Music, Fashion, Hiking, and Basketball
Favorite question asked on tours: What brought you to Amherst?Hello world! My name is Markus and I am a senior from Boulder, Colorado. I chose to attend Amherst because of its small size and commitment to the liberal arts. I love being able to pick classes from many different fields and finding ways to fit them all together into a broad view of the world. Aside from attending classes and guiding tours, I sing baritone in the Zumbyes, an a capella group on campus, and participate in the Black Student Union. Please let me know if you have any questions, you can reach me at

Noor Qasim '18 Name: Noor Qasim ‘18
Hometown: Wilmette, IL
Major(s): English
On-Campus Activities: Mr. Gad's House of Improv, Theater and Dance, AC Voice, Marsh Arts Haus, Green Amherst Project
Hobbies: Reading, Napping, Having a good time
Favorite question asked on tours: What is your favorite thing about Amherst?

Hey everybody! I love Amherst and am always excited to help you decide if its the right place for you. Shoot me an email! I'd love to answer any and all questions about why I chose Amherst and what it's like to be a student here.

Ben Rotner '18 Name: Ben Rotner ‘18
Hometown: Swampscott, MA
Major(s): Economics & Spanish
Activities on campus: Club Soccer and Outing Club
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Skiing, and Sailing
Favorite question asked on tours: "Do all dorms look like this?" (after seeing a double in Charles Pratt)

Hi! My name is Ben. I'm a senior majoring in both Economics and Spanish, but I have taken classes in 10 different departments! I am a co-captain of the Men's Club Soccer team as well as being a member of the Outing Club. When I am not playing sports, studying or giving tours I love to hang out with my friends, practice my Spanish, or find random fun things to do on campus. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at I hope you come to love Amherst as much as I do!


Frank Tavares '18 Name: Frank Tavares ‘19E
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major(s): English & Astronomy
On-Campus Activities: AC Voice, Amherst College Musical, Model UN
Hobbies: Creative Writing, Reading Comics, Doing Theater, Playing Dungeons and Dragons
Favorite question asked on tours: Where do you think Amherst could improve?

Hello! I'm Frank, an English and Astronomy double major who grew up in San Diego, CA. Before coming to Amherst, I lived in Brasilia, Brazil for four years and New Delhi, India for one year. What I find most exciting about Amherst is the ability to study in vastly different fields, and the excitement of finding connections between those differing fields, something celebrated here. I've conducted Astronomy research on campus as a part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program, and this past summer worked at the NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, AL. In my free time, I'll be participating in Amherst's extracurricular theater scene, working on creative writing projects, or writing for AC Voice, an online student blog. If you have questions about coming in as an international student, the English or Astronomy programs, SURF, theater on campus, student journalism, or anything else, shoot me an email at!

Juan Valdes '18 Name: Juan Elías Valdés ‘18
Hometown: Miami, FL
Major(s): History & Philosophy
Activities on campus: Rugby, La Causa, Amherst College Phonathon
Hobbies: Finding any and every reason to procrastinate on my thesis
Favorite question asked on tours: If you could go back in time, would you still choose Amherst?

I am a transfer student from Miami Dade Community College and am proud to be at Amherst now. Amherst is definitely a college that will challenge you, help you grow, and then overwhelm you with opportunity. The professors here are among the best in their respective fields but are also very dedicated to each of their students thanks to the small class size. Socially speaking I have made great friends playing Rugby, debating with peers in the Amherst Political Union, and engaging in dialogue about what it means to be a minority on campus in La Causa. I had the privilege of completing a 6 month research project at Cambridge University in Spring 2017 and am knowledgeable about how study abroad works at Amherst so I welcome any and all questions on study abroad. Amherst is a welcoming place for people of all walks of life, and it would be my honor to show you around. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Mateo Weisner '18 Name: Mateo Wiesner ‘18
Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
Major(s): Psychology
Activities on campus: Captain of the Varsity Golf Team, Investment Club, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Orientation Leader 
Hobbies: Intramural Sports, Chess, Watching Movies
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did you choose Amherst?

I chose Amherst because of the people that I met when I overnighted as an admitted student. The amount of diversity and interesting stories that I have seen and heard in my time here has been astounding. That being said, I am passionate about spending time learning about new cultures and meeting new personalities. While I love the sports that I play and the activities that I am currently involved in, what I enjoy most is talking to people whose interests differ from mine. My favorite class so far has been USSR During the Cold War, with Professor Glebov. The way that the course was taught, with a mix between lecturing and dialogue about the readings that we had done for that day, made the class atmosphere exciting and interactive. I learned a lot not just from the teacher, but from other students who were able to piece together the lectures and the readings to raise thoughtful questions on the subject matter.

Mei Zhou '18 Name: Mei Zhou ‘18
Hometown: Nampa, ID
Major(s): Asian Languages and Civilizations & Computer Science
On-Campus Activities: Anime Club, Ushering, Student Security 
Hobbies: Sewing and Crafting
Favorite question asked on tours: What do students do in their free time? 

Hi everyone! My name is Mei, and I was born in China but raised in Idaho, and I absolutely love every day I've spent at Amherst! I'm currently studying Japanese and Computer Science, but I've taken classes in many different departments from Theater to LJST to American Studies. (The open curriculum here is wonderful!) During my free time, I love attending all the different events on campus like concerts and cooking nights. (If you ask me about student life during a tour, I promise to make you jealous with stories!) As a senior who has studied abroad as well, I have a lot of memories and experiences I would love to share, so please feel free to ask away at the tour!

 Tour Guides—Class of 2019

Jana Barber '19 Name: Jana Barber ‘19
Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Major(s): Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought & French
Activities on campus: Amherst College Women's Crew Team, DASAC
Hobbies: Binge watching Shonda Rhimes TGIT and traveling
Favorite question asked on tours: Do you have really good calves from walking backwards?

Hey! My name is Jana Barber and I’m a junior from Oak Park, IL, which is right outside of Chicago. I am a French and Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought double major. When I’m not hanging on the quad or studying with my friends in my favorite place, Frost library, you can find me at one of the practices for the crew team or rehearsals for Step Team in DASAC. So far my Amherst experience has been incredible; I love how the open curriculum has allowed me to take advantage of the humanities courses while avoiding the math and sciences, at least for now! I look forward to meeting you all on my tours and showing you the amazing experience Amherst can be!

Aahnix Bathurst '19 Name: Aahnix Bathurst ‘19
: Abilene, KS
Major: Linguistics with a Concentration in Neuroscience
Activities on campus: Amherst Christian Fellowship, Glee Club, Outing Club, WAMH 89.3 Radio DJ, German Club, French Club
Hobbies: Playing basketball, reading, watching movies, hiking, camping, canoeing
Favorite question asked on tours: How did we end up with the best tour guide?

Hi everyone! I’m Aahnix, and I’m not in Kansas anymore! I’m taking advantage of Amherst's open curriculum and the Five College Consortium; I enjoy getting off campus a few times every week for my linguistics classes at UMass. I am currently creating an interdisciplinary major, "Linguistics with a Concentration in Neuroscience," which incorporates classes at Amherst, UMass, and University of Goettingen, where I'll be studying abroad in the spring. Currently participating in the college radio station, Glee Club, Outing Club, Amherst Christian Fellowship, and ~mildly~ the French and German Clubs, I am very involved on campus. When I’m not performing in concerts or talking to the Pioneer Valley through the airwaves, you can find me playing basketball with my friends, Val-sitting, or taking apart my bike.

Helena Burgueno '19 Name: Helena Burgueño ‘19
Hometown: Hamden, CT
Major(s): Film and Media Studies & Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies
On-Campus Activities: Amherst Symphony Orchestra, La Causa, Amherst College Horn Ensemble
Hobbies: DIYing things I am too cheap to buy, cooking, repeating stories to people without realizing, playing cards with my grandpa
Favorite question asked on tours: Where should we get lunch after this?

I came to Amherst College, I was 100% prepared to be the kid who couldn’t stop sobbing after their parents pulled out of the parking lot. I certainly would never have expected that, on my first night here, I would hug my parents goodbye and then end up happily busting out my sweetest dance moves on the Val Quad with people who are still some of my closest friends to this day. I came to Amherst because I loved the idea of being able to craft my own education through the Open Curriculum, because the view at Memorial Hill never gets old, and because I wanted to be a member of the Five College community (the fact that purple is my favorite color was just an added bonus). While I was right about all of that, I realized that I would be happy staying at Amherst for other reasons: the professors and staff who go out of their way to get to know us, the students who never cease to amaze me, the infinite supply of roasted sweet potatoes at Val. I was truly surprised by how quickly I grew to love Amherst College, and as a tour guide, I want to share this with you! This may all seem a little cheesy, but it’s true (speaking of cheese, check out Grilled Cheese Day at Val and thank me later). Please feel free to send any questions to And, just for the record, I haven’t cried once since I’ve been here – except that one time when I was watching the end of Forrest Gump.

Diane Lee '19 Name: Diane Lee ‘19
: Norwood, NJ
Major(s): English
Activities on campus: Women's and Gender Center, The Amherst Student, Consulting Club, First-Year Outdoor Orientation (FOOT) Leader, Outing Club
Hobbies: Writing, running, hiking, playing the cello, watching Real Housewives, spending time with Amherst town residents at the Amherst Survival Center
Favorite question asked on tours: Are first-year rooms always this big? (the answer is no)

Hey! I'm Diane, a junior from New Jersey. I'm currently majoring in English, though the open curriculum has allowed me to take classes across 11 (and counting!) departments. Amherst is one of the few small schools I applied to, and I couldn't be happier that I can call this place home. From eating cider donuts at Fall Fest with my professor's kids to having a heated debate in Frost Library with some friends, I love Amherst's traditions and community. I also love the balance between academic drive and support that my peers demonstrate. I think it makes Amherst a special place to not only learn new things, but also watch others grow with you. On campus, I write and edit for the college's newspaper and work as a student Program Coordinator for our Women's and Gender Center. See you on campus! 

Mariana Lehoucq '19 Name: Mariana Lehoucq ‘19
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Major(s): Sociology and the Five College Certificate in Culture, Health, and Science
Activities on CampusAmherst Choral Society, Project Salud, Roosevelt @ Amherst, AC Public Health Collaborative
Hobbies: Attending interesting talks, Spontaneous dance and karaoke sessions, Arts and crafts
Favorite question asked on toursWhat’s the longest amount of time one could spend at Val?

Hi! My name is Mariana, and I’m a junior from Greensboro, NC. On campus, I am involved in Choral Society, the AC Public Health Collaborative, Project Salud, and the Roosevelt Institute. I also work as a student researcher for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Some of my favorite parts of Amherst are getting to explore various interests due to the open curriculum, being able to run into friends at any time in Val, and enjoying the “small school” sense of community while still having access to the tremendous amount of resources offered on campus, within the Five Colleges, and beyond! I spent the past summer interning in Lima, Peru, and am excited to study abroad in Stockholm during the Spring 2018 semester. If you have any questions about life at Amherst, think we may share a common interest, or would like a junior’s perspective on college, feel free to reach out to!

Bonnie Lin '19 Name: Bonnie Lin ‘19
Hometown: Chula Vista, CA
Major(s): Statistics
On-Campus Activities: Amherst Women in Science, Public Health Collaborative, HerCampus, Budgetary Clerk, Reader to Reader, Not Bread Alone
Hobbies: Biking, listening to instrumental music, Google searches, and scrolling through Pinterest and Quora.
Favorite question asked on tours: What did you do in Amherst all summer?

Hello! A year's worth of time isn't enough for me to believe that I'm 2,995 miles from home. During the school year, I flew home once for a little over a week, but enjoyed Amherst enough to stay on campus for the entire summer, interning at the Admissions Office. Amherst has given me the chance to develop existing academic and non-academic interests, ranging from laboratory work to mentoring elementary school students. Classes, like Happiness and Representing Illness, have introduced me to novel topics, while on campus groups have exposed new experiences for me. I promise that I will get super excited to see something in my inbox from any prospective student with any questions or even a cheesy joke. Shoot an email to, and prepare to be amazed.

Jake May '19 Name: Jake May ‘19
Hometown: New York, NY
Major(s): History
Activities on campus: Mr. Gad’s House of Improv, Jazz Combo, Ultimate Frisbee, writing humor for The Indicator, a campus publication.
Hobbies: Playing guitar and drums, listening to music, writing comedy. 
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did you pick such a small school?

While I was born in Florida, I moved to New York City at a young age, and I consider it my hometown. Amherst actually wasn’t really on my radar initially, because I didn’t think I wanted a small school. However after I visited the campus I fell in love with the college, and I’m so happy to be here now. I’m majoring in History, and I love taking classes in that field, but I also love to expand my academic horizons. Schoolwork is definitely a big part of how I spend my time here at Amherst, but I do have plenty of time to fit in ultimate Frisbee, Improv comedy with Mr. Gad’s House of Improv, or play music, whether it’s with one of Amherst’s jazz combos or with musician friends outside of class. I’m obsessed with music of all types, but especially rock and roll. I also consider myself a comedy nerd. If you have any questions about Amherst or want to talk music or comedy, hit me up at

Kaelan McCone '19 Name: Kaelan McCone ‘19
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Major(s): Mathematics, French, & Political Science
On-Campus Activities: QuestBridge Scholars, Association of Amherst Students (AAS)
Hobbies: Figure Skating, Netflix, YouTube
Favorite question asked on tours: How'd you end up at Amherst?

Originally from Greensboro, NC, I actually found out about this school by accidentally applying to a fly-in program in my senior year of high school. Ever since I first set foot on campus, I've been in love. Since coming here, I'm constantly amazed at the sense of community I feel here. One of the best elements of the school itself is the freedom to know people outside of your major, and the ability to take courses outside of your major as well! One of my favorite things to do on campus is to go to the ice rink and practice skating in between classes, which is surprisingly empty and fun! As a sophomore, I've had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of events on campus, and am looking forward to my next three years here!

Ian Miller '19 Name: Ian Miller ‘19
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major(s): Political Science
On-Campus Activites: Mock Trial, Residential Counselor
Hobbies: Golf, Political Discussion
Favorite question asked on tours: Do you ever get tired of the hills?

Coming to Amherst has been a big change for me: colder weather, more diverse community, and the coolest people I've ever met make this place a far cry from Dallas, TX. Sure, it's hard to be away from my sisters (splitting up triplets is never easy), but I have quickly learned to love this place and it's become another "home." Right now I am working on figuring out what I want to do here at Amherst, but the current plan is to double major in Political Science and Asian Languages and Civilizations, but I have some Math credits under my belt so who knows what is going to happen? One of my favorite things about this place is I can change my mind a million times and they’ll still let me stay. When I am not doing coursework, I enjoy Mock Trial and attending Mr. Gads Improv Comedy shows. If you want to know more about Amherst from my perspective, hit me up at or in the Admissions Office.

Gg Lucas-Narcisse '19 Name: Gg Lucas-Narcisse ‘19
Hometown: Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Major(s): Psychology & French
On-Campus Activities: Rhythm and Shoes, SHEs, Mock Trial, OlioHealth Educators, Book and Plow Farm, Resident Counselor
Hobbies: Sleeping, Reading, Sewing
Favorite question asked on tours: Where should we get lunch?

Hi there! I’m a junior here at Amherst College and I’m in love with it. I’m happy to be a part of such a close knit community, and get to know people from all walks of life. There are so many opportunities to get involved in and around campus so I’m always wishing I could do more. Already Amherst has really opened me up to a ton of new interests like West African Dance and farming. My email is if you want to ask me about Amherst or send me some sick puns. I hope to see or hear from you soon!

Denise Noriega Name: Denise Noriega ‘19
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major(s): Psychology & Mathematics
On-Campus Activities: Math Fellow, Research Assistant, QuestBridge, Campus Activities Board, La Causa
Hobbies: Netflix, cleaning, beach volleyball, watching baseball/softball, scrolling through the Explore page on Instagram
Favorite question asked on tours: What did you do this summer?

Hi! My name is Denise and I am a junior from Los Angeles, CA. I decided to come all the way to Amherst, MA after I came to Admitted Students Weekend in the spring of 2015. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I knew I could see myself thriving here. I loved speaking to all the students and enjoyed my time meeting faculty and staff. Now that I'm here, I couldn't be happier with my decision. There are so many people I've met in the last 2 years that have tremendously improved my life - from students to faculty and staff. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at!

Grace Orr '19 Name: Grace Orr ‘19
: Briarcliff Manor, NY
Major(s): Architectural Studies & Psychology
Activities on campus: Women's Soccer Team, Student Athletes Advisory Committee, Tour Guides
Hobbies: Art! I actually have a small quasi business called Vans by Grace in which I customize blank white sneakers. I paint the shoes according to whatever college, theme, or personalized design my customers ask for!
Favorite question asked on tours: What do you do for fun?

Hi! My name is Grace and I’m a sophomore from outside of New York City. I love Amherst for so many reasons, but two in particular stick out in my mind. For one, I had no idea what I wanted to study before going to college. I thought maybe I’d study chemistry and be pre-med, but as I explored the open curriculum, I found that actually architecture was so much cooler! Plus, the freedom to choose my own academic path has allowed me to major in psychology as well, while also taking Spanish classes on the side. The other (more important) reason I love Amherst is that I remember visiting for the first time and leaving with the impression that everyone I met was so friendly. And it’s true! Every individual person you meet here is outgoing, unique, and incredibly talented in his or her own way, so that you will learn something new or interesting or fun with every conversation and friendship that you have. As a junior now I'd like to say I've learned a thing or two over the past couple of years here, and I’d love to share whatever sparse knowledge I may have with any and every prospective student to help make your college decision easier!

Julia Pike '19 Name: Julia Pike ‘19
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major(s): English
On-Campus Activities: Sparkle Motion Women's Ultimate Frisbee, Reproductive Justice Alliance, The Indicator, The Common
Hobbies: Running, writing, drawing, and hiking
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did you choose Amherst?

Hi! My name is Julia Pike, and I'm from Brooklyn, New York. I'm a junior English major. Here on campus, I'm on Amherst College's Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team, Sparkle Motion, I write for one of our school publications, the Indicator, and I intern with The Common, a literary magazine based out of Amherst. In my free time, I like to run on the beautiful Amherst trails, read, and watch Game of Thrones. Last year I lived in Marsh, the Arts theme house, and I'll be studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden, in Fall 2017. I can't wait to meet you all and show you around Amherst!

Molly Pines '19 Name: Molly Pines ‘19
Hometown: Orinda, CA
Major(s): English & Spanish
On-Campus Activities: Varsity Swim Team, Amherst Dance
Hobbies: Listening to music, reading poetry, taking BuzzFeed quizzes, watching Pixar movies, Val sitting
Favorite question asked on tours: What is there to do in Amherst, Massachusetts?!?

Hi, I’m Molly Pines! I'm a junior from a small suburb of San Francisco (and I will always be a West Coaster at heart, no matter how much I love Amherst). I'm majoring in English and Spanish, and at school when I’m not eating, sleeping, or studying, I also swim breaststroke for our Varsity Swim & Dive Team and participate in Amherst Dance. If you have any questions about Amherst in general or about my specific interests, don’t hesitate to contact me at I’m happy to talk about anything and everything Amherst!

Ethan Rosenthal '19 Name: Ethan Rosenthal ‘19
Hometown: New York, NY
Major(s): History
On-Campus Activities: Hillel, Amherst Political Union, Poker Club, Investment Club, College Republicans 
Hobbies: Skiing, Watching any sport on TV
Favorite question asked on tours: How does town life in Amherst compare to being home in New York City?

Hi! My name is Ethan Rosenthal, and I am a junior from New York City, New York. I am a history major focusing on modern nationalist movements. Outside of the classroom, I have been able to be a part of some amazing groups like Amherst College Hillel and the Amherst Political Union as well as participated in various intramural sports. Both my studies and extra-curricular activities have been typical of my Amherst experience: engaging and intimate. If you have any questions or concerns about academics, student life, or anything else that might be on your mind, feel free to shoot me me an email at Looking forward to seeing you on campus!

Andrew Sommer '19 Name: Andrew Sommer ‘19
Hometown: Larchmont, NY
Major(s): Computer Science & Asian Languages and Civilizations
On-Campus Activities: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Outing Club, Computer Science TA, Varsity Football
Hobbies: Hiking, Biking, Cooking, and Traveling 
Favorite question asked on tours: You play football?!

Amherst College is a special kind of place. It's one of the few places that has succeeded in bringing people from different backgrounds together while providing them an open forum to share their stories and experiences. There's so many fascinating and exciting people at Amherst, so any time I can just meet someone new and listen to what they have to say, that is something I truly love. That's probably why I love tour guiding too! I get to hear all of the fantastic stories and places that our prospective students have been to - It's like a sneak peek into Amherst's future, and it's always satisfying-ly bright. Terras Irradient. If you have any questions about Amherst or are interested in talking to a current Amherst student, please feel free to contact me at I can't wait to see all of you on campus!

Dorit Song '19 Name: Dorit Song ‘19
: North Potomac, MD
Major(s): Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought
Activities on campus: Women's Swim & Dive Team, Mascot Committee, HerCampus, Random Acts of Kindness, Student Athlete Advisory Council, Asian Students Association, Circus Literary Magazine, Amherst LEADS, Amherst Dance
Hobbies: Drawing, Hiking, Crafting, Journaling, Photography
Favorite question asked on tours: Does Amherst ever feel TOO small?

Hi there! I'm Dorit, a junior from North Potomac, Maryland. Coming from a high school of 1200 students, I knew I wanted to attend a small school that would allow me to make meaningful connections with my peers and professors. When I took a tour of Amherst my junior year of high school, I was amazed by how easily I could see myself sitting on the first-year quad and staring off at the amazing view from Memorial Hill. I was also drawn to the Amherst students I interacted with during my visit; everyone was so genuine and welcoming - just my kind of people! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Amherst so far, largely thanks to the wonderful residents of North 4th floor last year (shout-out to my fellow nuns), and can't wait to share more about the wonderful things this community has to offer with you on a tour! In the meantime, you are more than welcome to email me at if you have any questions about anything I've mentioned above or really anything for that matter, and I'll do my best to give you a timely and meaningful response! Can't wait to see you on campus!

Silvia Sotolongo '19 Name: Silvia Sotolongo ‘19
Hometown: Durham, NC
Major(s): Statistics & Sociology
On-Campus Activities: AAS Student Government, La Causa, Amherst Dance, Statistics Fellows
Hobbies: Drinking coffee, painting my nails, reading, watching Duke basketball
Favorite question asked on tours: When is your favorite time to be on campus?

Hey y'all! My name is Silvia and I'm a junior here at Amherst. I'm from Durham, North Carolina and in high school I did a semester in D.C. at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership. Though I'm abroad this fall (2017) in Havana, Cuba, I'll be back on campus in the spring where I'll be involved in La Causa (the Latino Affinity Group on campus), possibly the Student Government, and our all-inclusive dance group on campus: Amherst Dance. I love to eat and drink coffee in town and am happy to give any recommendations! If anyone has questions about life at Amherst, studying abroad, the Statistics and Sociology majors, or anything else you can email me at!

Allison Tennant '19 Name: Allison Tennant ‘19
Hometown: Roscoe, IL
Major(s): Environmental Studies & French
On-Campus Activities: Green Amherst Project, Eco-Reps, Sparkle Motion Women's Ultimate Team, Amherst Dance, Outing Club
Hobbies: Reading, hiking, cooking
Favorite question asked on tours: What's your favorite place to eat in town?

Hello! My name is Allison and I am junior. The charm of Amherst reminds me of my small hometown in Illinois even though it can’t compete with the scenic beauty found here. I am an Environmental Studies and French double major and am also looking into taking advantage of the Five College Consortium with a certificate in International Relations. I plan to fully utilize the open curriculum to take classes in as many departments as possible. Outside of the classroom, I love playing Ultimate Frisbee on Sparkle Motion women's team, being involved in environmental action with the Green Amherst Project and the Office of Environmental Sustainability, exploring the Pioneer Valley with the Outing Club, and trying to figure out how to incorporate dance classes into my busy schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Alexandra Theall '19 Name: Alexandra Theall ‘19
Hometown: Newton, MA
Major(s): Biology
On-Campus Activities: Amherst College Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS), Charles Drew Health Professionals Society, Biology TA
Hobbies: Baking, reading, Val sitting
Favorite Question Asked on Tours: What's life like as a STEM major at a Liberal Arts College?

Hi everyone! My name is Alexandra Theall, and I'm a junior from Newton, Massachusetts. In my first two years at Amherst, I have come to love the familiar sights and sounds of our awesome little campus. I'm a Biology major, a pre-health student, and aspiring physician. On campus (other than being a tour guide), I serve as a Charles Drew Health Professionals Society co-president and am also currently a member of ACEMS, Amherst's student run EMS organization, so you may see me around campus wearing blue! I also serve on the ACEMS Board of Directors, am a TA for the ACEMS interterm EMT-certification course, and am a Biology TA. I love to bake, read, and hang out with friends. I’m so excited to share our college with you, and if you have any questions about life at Amherst as a young woman, as a student transitioning from single-sex education to a co-ed learning environment, as a pre-health or STEM student, or just in general, please feel free to email me at!

Yrenly Yuan '19 Name: Yrenly Yuan ‘19
Hometown: Davis, CA
Major(s): Biology & Anthropology
On-Campus Activities: Varsity Track and Field, Amherst Intramurals, TEDxAmherst, Design Thinking Challenge at the Center for Community Engagement
Hobbies: Reading late at night, petting dogs, making caramel in Val, and eating my way around town
Favorite question asked on tours: What do you love most about Amherst?

Hi everyone! I'm a junior from Northern California interested in the intersection between healthcare and business. I've been incredibly happy with the experience that I've had at Amherst so far, from the way I felt at home on campus almost immediately to the relationships I've formed with my peers, professors, and alumni. Some of the best aspects about Amherst are definitely the friendly college town vibe and the open curriculum. I now can't imagine being at a school where I'd have general requirements! I love talking about Amherst, so if you have any questions about what it's like to actually have weather, track (indoor season was completely new to me!), or anything else, please feel free to email me at!

 Tour Guides - Class of 2020

Eliza Beebe '20
: Eliza Beebe ‘20
: Milton, MA
Potential Major(s): Psychology
Activities on campus: Women's Lacrosse Team, Outing Club, Book & Plow Farm
Hobbies: Skiing, swimming, and anything dog-related
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did you choose Amherst?

I chose to come to Amherst because I was excited to immerse myself in a close-knit, diverse community where I knew I would be challenged to grow and learn. With my first year at Amherst behind me, I am amazed by the connections I have formed with my peers and professors, and feel enriched by the environment that Amherst has provided for me. I'm excited for my next three years here, as I know they will bring new friendships, stimulating courses, and important moments of personal growth. I would love to talk more with anyone about Amherst, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

Charlotte Blackman '20 Name: Charlotte Blackman ‘20
: Bronx, NY
Potential Major(s): Mathematics and Sociology
Activities on campus: I'm in the Women's Chorus, I take private bass lessons, I am a homework grader for the Math Department, and I illustrate for The Indicator (a student publication).
Hobbies: I like baking, practicing yoga, painting or drawing, listening to podcasts, and discussing intersectional feminism.

Hi! I'm Charlotte, and I am a second-year from the Bronx in New York City. I have been an artist ever since my fine motor skills developed enough to allow me to hold a crayon, and I also love jazz--I played the tuba for eight years and am now tackling the bass. Academically, I have always been in deep love with math, and am passionate about fighting for different movements of social justice, which piqued my curiosity in sociology. When I was in eleventh grade and touring schools, I was somewhat concerned that going to college would mean I would be forced to pick a "thing"--that I would have to decide whether I wanted to be the art girl, the music girl, the math girl, or the sociology girl. Yet Amherst students could not possibly defy this worry more. The Amherst student body is a diverse and curious group of people who not only encourage their peers to pursue and explore different interests, but also embody the liberal arts education in that they truly involve themselves in every aspect of student life here. If you have any questions about Amherst, I'm happy to do my best to answer them (

Julia Cardenas '20 Name: Julia Cárdenas ‘20
: Los Angeles, CA
Major(s): Art and the History of Art
Activities on campus: Amherst College Rowing Association, Student Housing Advisory Committee, Amherst Dance 
Hobbies: Drawing, cooking, watching The Office, and Val sitting
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did you decide to move to the East Coast?

My name is Julia, and I am from Los Angeles, California. Coming from such a large and cosmopolitan city I was a little nervous to switch to a smaller setting so far away from home. But I can happily say that Amherst has truly become my second home. The diverse community here with ready access to the other colleges in the consortium truly lends itself to being a little big world. Although I would like to major in art history, I'm happy that I can take advantage of our unique open curriculum and take as many classes as I can in various subjects. Outside of taking classes and going to practice, I enjoy spending time on the third floor of Frost, doing long Val sits, and hanging out with friends. I look forward to meeting as many prospective Amherst students and their families as I can! Feel free to reach out with any questions at

Rachel Chaffin '20 Name: Rachel Chaffin ‘20
: Elk Grove, CA
Potential Major(s): Psychology and French
Activities on campus: Diversity Intern (I work in the Admissions Office doing diversity outreach to prospective high school students) and Amherst Christian Fellowship
Hobbies: Running, reading, baking, babysitting, and making friends!
Favorite question asked on tours: You seem to really like it here, but what's the WORST part of going to Amherst

I'm Rachel, a California born, New England loving sophomore! Why I chose Amherst: when I first visited Amherst, I was expecting to be most impressed by the things I already loved about it: the small student-to-faculty ratio, the open curriculum, the intimate and idyllic campus, the Pioneer Valley itself. I did love all of those things, but what really drew me to Amherst College ultimately was the people. Each student I interacted with was thoughtful, kind, passionate, utterly smart, and, perhaps most impressively, was completely different from the next. I couldn't wait to join the student body and weave my own stories, opinions, and passions into the tapestry already woven in years before me. Favorite class: I've loved all of my classes at Amherst, but I especially loved Film & Writing with Professor Hastie, and learned a whole new way of writing from Professor Grobe's patient, honest comments in Engaging the Arts. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions about life at Amherst! Hope to see you on campus soon!

McLean Cozine '20 Name: McLean Cozine ‘20
: Minneapolis, MN
Potential Major(s): Philosophy & Computer Science
Activities on campus: Sailing Club, Green Room Student Theater, Intramural Soccer
Hobbies: Exploring campus and the Pioneer Valley; Procrastinating; Val-sitting; Baseball
Favorite question asked on tours: Is it really your birthday?

Hi! My name is McLean, and I was born and raised in the City of Lakes: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Winters here are a little shorter and much less cold than those I grew up with, so at Amherst I'm basically living in my tropical paradise! With Memorial Hill as my beach and the Pioneer Valley my sea, all I need now is to buy that perfect chair to relax in and I'll really be set! Well, that and the continued company of the great friends I've made here at Amherst. These excellent personal connections are, to me, the defining aspect of an Amherst education. Between students, staff, and professors, I am constantly around people who encourage me and support me, while challenging me to grow and learn. From seminar discussions on John Locke and free speech to late night common room discussions on the differing slang my floormates and I used in high school, I encounter and engage new ideas every day here at Amherst. I find this to be a beautiful and exciting place to live and learn, and I hope to help you feel the same. 

Claire Dennis '20 Name: Claire Dennis ‘20
: Palo Alto, CA
Potential Major(s): Political Science and Mathematics
Activities on campus: Varsity Volleyball, Amherst LEADS, Staff Writer for The Amherst Student, Amherst Dance, Math Department grader
Hobbies: Watching movies, reading, baking, Val sitting
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did you decide to leave California?

Hi! My name is Claire and I am a sophomore from the San Francisco Bay Area. I am planning to double major in Political Science and Math but I love exploring other disciplines with the open curriculum such as Spanish, Economics and History. Outside of the classroom, I play on the volleyball team (Go Firedogs!), write for Amherst’s student-run newspaper and dabble in dance. You can catch me in the classroom, at the gym, hanging out in my floor’s common room, spending hours in Val or hanging out in town at Crazy Noodles and Lime Red. I chose Amherst for the close community that is fostered here, and couldn't be happier about my decision. The small classes and intimacy of a residential campus have helped me form lasting bonds with both faculty and other students. I would love to talk with you about what makes Amherst so special so please feel free to send me an email at

Benedite Dieujuste '20 Name: Benedite Dieujuste ‘20
: New York, NY
Potential Major(s): English and Sexuality, Women’s & Gender Studies
Activities on campus: Student Health Educator, Women's Rugby, African and Caribbean Student's Union
Hobbies: Coping with my constant existential crises
Favorite question asked on tours: Why did the school change the mascot?

Haitian born, NYC raised sophomore coming at you from Amherst College. When I first came to Amherst, I expected to be challenged academically, form deep friendships, and finally go camping. Even though I haven't gone camping (yet), I have already done so much on and off campus. Between my wonderful SWAGS classes and frequent visits to Northampton, I'm always busy and having fun. My passion lies in health education and I'm able to channel it through my work as a Student Health Educator. If you want to know anything else about the college, please email me at!

Max Fox-Jurkowitz '20 Name: Max Fox-Jurkowitz ‘20
: Arlington, MA
Potential Major(s): Mathematics
Activities on campus: Ultimate Frisbee, Consulting Club, Project Sunshine, Investment Club
Hobbies: Running, Reading, Watching Sports
Favorite question asked on tours: Did Zephaniah Swift Moore (Amherst's Founder) just really like purple?

Hi Everyone! My name is Max Fox-Jurkowitz, and I am a sophomore from Arlington, MA. The warm, inclusive Amherst community and the always accessible professors are just a few of the things that help me feel at home here. The open curriculum at Amherst has allowed me to explore many disciplines including Economics, History, Psychology, and Math. I especially enjoyed Professor Benedetto’s Calculus class which elevated Math from an interest to my potential major. This fall, I hope to ask her to be my Math major advisor! Outside of the classroom, I am on the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team. I am also the Secretary of the Consulting Club, a member of Project Sunshine, and a member of the Investment Club. In addition to these activities, I enjoy watching sports, reading historical fiction, and running. Email me with questions about Amherst at!

Daniel Lee '20 Name: Daniel Lee ‘20
: Philadelphia, PA
Potential Major(s): Psychology and Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought
Activities on campus: Amherst Fencing, Amherst Dance, Active Minds, ACSU, Hip Hop Club
Hobbies: Writing poetry, discovering new music, and reading

Yooo my name is Daniel Lee. I am a second-year student at Amherst thinking about pursuing a Psychology and LJST double major. I love learning about theories of people's behaviors, and Amherst's open curriculum allows me to pursue multiple historical and philosophical perspectives on the subject. Dancing and music are welcome breaks from academic life, and I have made great friends doing what I love. Learning new perspectives every day is wonderful, and I love attending this school. If you have any question you can email me at!

Kathleen Maeder '20 Name: Kathleen Maeder ‘20
: San Pedro, CA
Major(s): Political Science and Environmental Studies
Activities on campus: Writer for The Amherst Student, Eco-Reps, Women's Ultimate Frisbee
Hobbies: Hiking, podcasts, reading, video games, running

Hey everyone! My name is Kathleen, and I am a sophomore at Amherst College. While I haven't declared my major yet, I am currently planning on majoring in both Political Science and Environmental Studies. I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and moving from an industrial port town outside of LA to a rural college town on the East Coast has been an amazing journey (for those of you thinking about moving to Amherst from the West Coast, don't worry, the weather really isn't too bad once you get used to it!). My favorite aspect of the Amherst campus culture is how students are encouraged to branch out and experience new things, both in an academic sense with the Open Curriculum, and in extracurriculars. I absolutely love talking about Amherst, my majors, and my personal experience here on campus, so please reach out to me at with any questions you have!

Name: Theo Pérez ‘20
: New York, NY
Potential Major(s)
: Undecided (Music, and/or Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought)
Activities on campus
: Here on campus I'm on the board of the radio station, WAMH and the board of Jazz at Amherst. I also play guitar in a jazz combo. I am involved with theater in many ways, including working in the scene shop, and am the RC of the Arts House.
: I play guitar, read, whittle (poorly) and watch standup comedy.
Favorite question asked on tours: You say there's no Greek life here, does that mean that if you're from Greece you're not allowed to apply?

Hello! My name is Theo Pérez and I very much so like it here at Amherst. Between the open curriculum and the wide range of student activities, I feel that I have complete control over the structure of my day and am really able to personalize and adapt my experience to be whatever I want it to be.

Stuart Robbins '20 Name: Stuart Robbins ‘20
: Armonk, NY
Potential Major(s): American Studies
Activities on campus: Research Assistant for AMST-111 Global Valley, Summer Intern for Office of Admission, Co- Chair of Pride Alliance, Member of The Green Room
Hobbies: Painting, Gardening, Skiing, Crafting
Favorite question asked on tours: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Amherst? My Answer: There are so many social opportunities on campus and within the Five College Consortium, but coming to Amherst means living around peers who appear to be involved in every activity.

Hello there! If you are reading this you are probably considering applying to Amherst College. For me, the choice to come to Amherst is one of the best decisions I've made. I would be more than happy to talk about my decision to choose Amherst or answer any questions you have about my experience at this amazing institution. You can contact me at

Elizabeth Sturley '20

Name: Elizabeth Sturley ‘20
: Austin, TX
Potential Major(s): Political Science, Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought, and the Five College Certificate in International Relations
Activities on campus: Women's Varsity Field Hockey, Amherst Political Union, Hillel, Amherst LEADS, Outing Club
Hobbies: Travel, hiking, zumba, and cooking & baking (but mostly eating)

I love being at Amherst and engaging in incredible conversations with people from such diverse backgrounds! People here--students, faculty, and staff--are all so passionate about a range of things. The conversations with my peers and with adults in the community extend far beyond the classroom, ranging from talking about current events and politics to discussions about family traditions back home or new books that we've read. Every single day, these interactions solidify my decision of choosing Amherst!

Name: Estevan Velez ‘20
: Lee, MA
Potential Major(s): Spanish and Pre-Medical Studies
Activities on campus: Varsity Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, E-board of Project Salud
Hobbies: Being outdoors, hanging out with friends, traveling, and cooking

When I was looking for a college I wanted somewhere that resembled what I had experienced in boarding school. So I looked for a small and close community which focused on diversity and inclusion, high academics and athletics, and a place that still gave me time to pursue my passions outside of the classroom and track. I also wanted a college where I could build relationships with my professors and get to work with them on their research. Overall Amherst was and is the right fit for me and I'm excited to have the opportunity to show others how it can be for them as well.

  Sarah Weintraub '20
: Sarah Weintraub ‘20
: Scarsdale, NY
Potential Major(s): Political Science
Activities on campus: Women's Crew Team, Amherst Dance, Outing Club, Orientation Leader
Hobbies: Hiking, Skiing, Hanging out with friends and family
Favorite question asked on tours: What's your favorite Val meal?

My name is Sarah Weintraub and I am a sophomore from Scarsdale, New York. As soon as I started looking at colleges, I immediately fell in love with Amherst College because of its size, open curriculum, and sense of community. I am currently a member of the women’s crew team on campus and I also participate in the outing club as well as Amherst Dance. I have been able to explore so many different interests in a variety of classes here because of the open curriculum. Amherst is an amazing place because students, professors and faculty are able to come together to learn from each other every single day. The students here are diverse and interesting and it's great just continuing to meet new people all the time on campus. I am excited to be a tour guide to share my knowledge and love for Amherst with potential students. Feel free to email me at with any questions about anything Amherst!

Morgan Yurosek '20 Name: Morgan Yurosek ‘20
: Coto de Caza, CA
Potential Major(s): Economics & Political Science
Activities on campus: Women's Golf Team, Amherst College Republicans, Christian Fellowship
Hobbies: Playing guitar, snowboarding, being creative with my Val meals
Favorite question asked on tours: What's it like being a Republican at Amherst?

Hi! My name is Morgan Yurosek and I am a sophomore from sunny Southern California. Calling the East Coast home has been an amazing experience and I have enjoyed the fall foliage, snow, and change of scenery. At Amherst I am a member of the Women's Golf Team and am planning on majoring in Economics and Political Science. Since coming to Amherst I have met a ton of people from diverse backgrounds and have taken classes that have introduced me to new and interesting subjects like Russian. I was drawn to Amherst because of the small size of the student body and have enjoyed its perks including small class sizes and the ability to form relationships with the professors. In my free time I attend meetings for Amherst College Republicans and Amherst Christian Fellowship and go into town with friends to get Insomnia Cookies (or have them delivered to my dorm). I can't wait to share my wonderful experience here with prospective students. If you have any questions about the school feel free to email me at!