CTL Consultation Update - Fall 2020

Kathy Takayama image We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Kathy Takayama, who helped to co-facilitate the summer course development seminar, is available for faculty consultations throughout the Fall semester. We encourage you to take advantage of her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Preparing to Teach and Learn in the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

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We are in challenging circumstances. We encourage you to not try to replicate what you do in the classroom, because that would be virtually impossible, but to identify the core goals you want your students to accomplish and then think creatively about how you can accomplish those. We need to model for our students and learn from and with them what it means to think about what is possible in our classrooms and in our disciplines.

What does it mean to "do science" or "do music" in this moment? How can we give ourselves permission to NOT have to do what we have always done, but to innovate and create new pathways and new ways of being and teaching and learning in our current world.

We have no doubt that how you engage with your students will be frustrating at times but also intellectually and relationally rewarding. 

We offer many digitally available resources and will continue to build and share these throughout the summer and throughout the academic year. Here are some currently available key resources that may help you plan and navigate for the coming academic year: 

The Amherst Faculty Pedagogical Reading Group: Small Teaching Online

This June, CTL Faculty Director, Jyl Gentzler facilitated a book group discussing Flower Darby and James Lang’s Small Teaching Online. The reading group met once a week via Zoom for 90 minutes. They found the book and discussions provided concrete, useful suggestions for teaching online and learning from faculty across disciplines. Some of their key take-aways were:

  • Strategies for micro (or mini) lectures
  • Importance of making learning goals transparent with students throughout the semester
  • Feeling more confident to teach online
  • Appreciating the acknowledgement of the challenges of being human in this moment

Thanks to those who participated!

We Offer Assistance Throughout the Semester

The academic year has a flow and we find that there are common needs and some commonly used resources at each time of the semester but please feel free to contact us for any teaching need at any time—there is no question too small or challenge too big.  We are here to help you reach your goals for teaching. Please visit our consultations page to find out more about consultation services we provide or to schedule a consultation. Please visit our teaching resources pages for an A - Z list of resources to support your teaching.

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Toolbox for Difficult Dialogues

This is a time to help students process their learning.

Meet with us to better understand your students' feedback.


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