Network Services Monitor

The link below shows the up or down state of six Amherst Colleges services.

Note that the monitor itself is off-campus. If the problem is with the campus uplink to the Internet, then all services will appear off even though they may still be accessible from on-campus.

The New Amherst Network

This summer the IT department will be replacing its networking infrastructure in its entirety. The result will be a network that is more stable, scalable, reliable, and secure.

As this work intensifies after Reunion, it will result in both localized and widespread outages of varying durations. We are committed to keeping you updated about any expected outages. 

We will post information about this ongoing project here and in the Daily Mammoth. If you have any questions about the network upgrade, please contact AskIT.

Gmail and Calendar Information

Resources you may find helpful include:
Please contact us at, if you have any questions.

You may also wish to consider online training through LinkedIn Learning (formerly

Use Gmail Only!

The email service for Amherst College has moved from the Exchange server in the basement of Converse to Gmail.
DO NOT send new email using Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or the Exchange account in mobile devices. Emails sent from existing configurations will not be reliably delivered.
Only send email from your newly configured Amherst College account in Google. See the IT website for instructions setting up this account on your computer or device.
To view old emails and calendar entries, use Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or an existing Exchange connection on mobile devices. We’re working hard to migrate all of this data to Gmail so that everything is found in one place. We’ll keep you updated as this work progresses.
Please contact us at AskIT if you have any questions.

Phishing awareness

The beginning of tax season is when phishing artists ramp up their angling for your W-2s and other financial information. The number of people affected by increasingly sophisticated phone and email scams and phishing attacks is larger every year.

Adobe Sofware Prompts for Adobe Login or License Key

You need to apply a fix to your Adobe installation on your College-supplied computer. Click the link below.