Half-Course Credit and Matching

The Department offers half-course credit for the laboratory component of the following courses: PHYS-116, PHYS-117, PHYS-123, PHYS-124, PHYS-125, ASTR-200. The Department will “match” these half-courses with any other half-course at the College. Because several departments have more restrictive matching policies, students should consult their academic advisor, College Course Catalog, Registrar’s Policy, and the policy of the department offering the course to be matched.

Pandemic Pass/Fail

For courses taken in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, January 2021, or Spring 2021, the department will accept a grade of P for any major requirement. Before electing to convert a grade to P, we strongly encourage you to discuss the decision with your advisor. It may have repercussions when applying for jobs or graduate and professional schools.

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