The Spanish major offers Amherst students the ability to immerse themselves in the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world through coursework, a semester or a year in a Spanish-speaking country, a senior capstone portfolio and project, and advanced research. Students are encouraged to explore the diverse curriculum offered by the Spanish Department and the many opportunities to engage with local and international Spanish-speaking communities in order to develop their own interests related to the Spanish-speaking world.

Students may combine the Spanish major with any other Amherst major field of study or pre-med requirements.

Amherst Spanish majors have gone on to non-profit work, teaching, medical school, graduate programs, legal advocacy, media professions, and business, among many other fields. Please consult our Featured Alumni & Majors page to read more about our current and former students.

Majoring in Spanish at Amherst College

¡Bienvenidos a la especialidad de español!

La especialidad de español está diseñada para responder a los intereses y compromisos de cada estudiante. Adéntrate en la cultura variada y el idioma rico del mundo hispanohablante.

Senior Spanish Majors, Class of 2024 and 2024E

Front row: Sarah Weiner, Imani Gunnison, Sophia Sondey, Juliette Brook.
Back row: Siobhán Angeles, Maddie Hahm, Conner Glynn, Dory Farlessyost, Viviana Labarca.
Not pictured: Javier Irizarry