Getting Started...

For Students Considering Semester & Year-long Opportunities

The process of studying away from Amherst College may seem overwhelming at first, but you've come to the right place - to get started, follow the three steps below. These will help guide you through the early process to make it happen.

Step 1

First, watch our Getting Started video.

Student Reflections

Silvia Huang ‘22

Silvia Huang '22 reflects on her academic experience, as well as her time with the rowing club, while studying at the University of Oxford.

Next Steps...

The Office of Global Education can help you at every step of the study away process, from applying to programs and making preparations to go through the process of returning to Amherst and readjusting to your collegiate life. We’ve separated the process into four parts to make the process more manageable.

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Applying to Programs

Be sure to learn as much as you can to make the best choice for your study away opportunity, and know that we can assist you with the early stages of the application process. Visit our Program List and Program Evaluations when considering what programs you’re interested in.

Visit our Program List and Program Evaluations to learn more.

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Preparing to Go

We can help guide you through the steps that you need to take before you leave. This includes keeping track of deadlines and forms you’ll need to fill out, learning how to finance the costs of your study away program, and understanding issues such as diversity and identity abroad.

Visit our Preparing to Go page to learn more.

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While You’re Away

Studying away is an engaging and exciting time, but you’ll also need to carefully consider issues that may arise. We have information on health and emergency medical assistance insurance, medications, and negotiating health or wellness issues that require accommodations. 

Visit our While You’re Away page to learn more.

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Returning to Amherst

The study away experience doesn't end simply because you've returned to campus. We have a number of resources to help you reintegrate to Amherst and incorporate your newly-developed skills into your daily life.

Visit our Returning to Amherst page to learn more.

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Career Benefits of Study Away

We believe there is untapped potential to utilize your global experiences to learn transferable skills and gain an edge in the job market. Visit our career benefits page to learn more.