For Students

We'll guide you the process of finding and applying to a program and direct you to resources as you prepare to leave. We also have resources for your return to Amherst!

Steps to Study Away

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Planning for an Off-Campus Experience

The process of studying away from Amherst College may seem overwhelming at first, but you've come to the right place—this page will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to make it happen. Click the link below to make an appointment with an adviser the Global Education Office and get started.

Meet with a GEO Advisor

Before Your First Advising Session!

In preparation for your meeting with a GEO adviser, please read through the brief Steps to Study Away slideshow. This will provide you with an overview of off-campus study at Amherst, so that your advising session can better address your specific needs and goals for study away.

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Returning to Amherst

The study away experience doesn't end simply because you've returned to campus. Here are resources to help you reintegrate to Amherst and incorporate your newly-developed skills into your daily life.