AAS Executive Board 2017-2018

President: Aditi Krishnamurthy '18  
Vice President: Kyndall Ashe '18
Treasurer: Jacob Silverman '19  
Secretary: Renai Foster '19
Judiciary Council Chair: Jenine Shepherd '20

AAS Constitutional Committees

At-large members in italics 

Budgetary Committee (8 senators, 2 at large): Olivia C. Mastrangelo '18, Cornell W. Brooks II '19, Yannis Kalogiannis '19, Will Zaubler '19, Sade Green '20, Natalia A. Khoudian '20, Nehemiah G. McGowan '21, Isiaha J. Price '21

Elections Committee (5 senators): Olivia C. Mastrangelo '18, Louis Briones '19, Joe Schneider '19, Kristian Sogaard '19, Lauren Knight '20

Appointments Board (6 senators): Nolan S. Lindquist '18, Madeline Bustos '19, Yannis Kalogiannis '19, Michael Du '20, Sade Green '20, Billy Jang '20


AAS Standing Committees

AAS Standing Committee descriptions can be found in the AAS Bylaws

At-large members in italics

Transportation Council (5 senators): Hayley H. Crosbie-Foote '18, Maeve McNamara '19, Greg Franklin '20, Rafael Gonzalez '21, Matthew Sanders '21

Dining Services Committee (3 senators, 2 at large): Naima Moore '18, Louis Briones '19, Cornell Brooks '19

First-Year Life and Orientation Commitee (2 senators): Nolan Lindquist '18, Hannah Fox '20

Student Community Engagement Fund: 

Arts Committee (3 senators, 3 at large):

Powerhouse Committee (1 senator, 3 at large, campus community coordinator): Lauren Knight '20,

Faculty Committees

Faculty committee descriptions can be found in the faculty handbook

At-large members in italics 

College Council (President serving ex-officio, 1 upperclassmen Senator, 1 first-year Senator; 2 at-large members): Aditi Krishnamurthy '18 (ex-officio), Hunter Lampson '21

Committee on Priorities and Resources (CPR) (2 Senators, 2 year terms, elected in different years; one e-board member, 1 year term, without vote): Maya Bhandari

Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) (2 senators, 2 year terms, elected in different years; 1 at large member, 1 year term; one student from each the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences): Nolan S. Lindquist '18, Billy Jang '20

Committee on Discipline (2 Senators, 6 at large; two year terms):  Will Zaubler '19, 

Faculty Committee on Admission and Financial Aid (FCAFA) (1 senator, 1 at-large member; 2 year terms): Sade Green '20

Faculty Computing Committee (1 Senator): 

Faculty Orientation Committee (2 Senators):  Louis R. Briones' 19, Greg Franklin '20

Other Committees

At large members in italics

Title IX Review Committee (2 Senator, 3 at large): Will Zaubler '19, Andrea Webb '21

Committee on Physical Education and Athletics: Maeve McNamara '19

Student Computing Committee (4 Senators, 1 at large)

Trustee Advisory Committee on Honorary Degrees (4 Senators: two juniors, two seniors; two year seats):

Five College Student Coordinating Board (1 senator): Lauren A. Knight '20

Facilities Working Group: 

Library Committee (2 at-large): Elias B. Schultz '18, Sade Green '20

Alcohol and Other Drugs Task Force: 

Sexual Respect Task Force:  Maeve McNamara '19, Katherine Stanton '18, Taylor Pelletier '19, Jénine Shepherd '20, Daria Taubin '20, 

Committee on Technology Support: 

Mental Health and Wellness Committee (1 senator): 

Curriculum Commitee (1 senator, one at-large): Tasha Kim '18

AAS Teaching Award Committee (secretary, Senator volunteers): Renai Foster '19