AAS Constitutional Committees

AAS Committees '21-'22 and Descriptions

At-large members in italics 

Budgetary Committee (8 senators, 2 at-large): Jae Yun Ham '22 (as Treasurer, Chair), Angelina Han '22 (as President, ex-officio), Kya Rincon '22, Mattea Denney '22, Sirus Wheaton '23, Sydney Ireland '23, Yvette Kiptoo '23, Dania Hallak '24, Michael Bai '25, Jaden Richards '25, Victoria Foley '23 (at-large), Siri Palreddy '24 (at-large)

Elections Committee (5 senators): Lucas Romualdo '24 (as Secretary, ex-officio), Maira Owais '23, Anna Leake '23, Dania Hallak '24, Mattea Denney '22, vacant seat

Appointments Board (6 senators): Angelina Han '21 (as President, ex-officio), Lucas Romualdo '24 (as Secretary, ex-officio), Sirus Wheaton '23, Kya Rincon '22, Anna Penner '24, Shreya Susan Mathew '25

AAS Standing Committees

AAS Standing Committee descriptions can be found in the AAS Bylaws

At-large members in italics

Transportation Committee (5 senators): Lucas Romualdo '24 (as Secretary, ex-officio), Jeffrey Ma '24, Jackson Lee '24, Taha Zafar Ahmad '24, Cal Gelernt '24, Hannah Kim '25

Dining Services Committee (3 senators, 2 at-large): Shreya Susan Mathew '25, Jaden Richards '25, Maira Owais '23, Cecilia Curran '24 (at-large), Eugene Chang '24 (at-large)

Mental Health Committee (4 senators, 2 at-large): Michael Bai '25, Lori Alarcon '24, Sydney Ireland '23, Hannah Kim '25

Sustainability and Climate Committee (5 senators, two year terms, 2 at-large): Allie Ho '24, Cole Graber-Mitchell '22, Sofia Guerra '22, Gent Malushaga '25, Hannah Kim '25, Luxin Sun '25 (at-large), Erko Sakhiyeva '25 (at-large)

Orientation and First-Year Life Committee (5 senators, with 2 first-year senators): Maira Owais '23, Anna Penner '24, Sydney Ireland '23

Arts Committee (3 senators, 3 at-large): Hannah Kim '25, Isaiah Doble '25, Mia Griffin '24, Vale McCaffrey '25 (at-large), Eleanor Lee '25 (at-large)

Student Town Advisory Board (1 senator, 1 at-large): Mia Griffin '24, Thomas Brodey '22 (at-large)

Five College Coordinating Board (1 senator, President): Angelina Han '22 (as President, ex-officio), Hannah Kim '25

Faculty Committees

Faculty committee descriptions can be found in the faculty handbook

At-large members in italics 

College Council (4 senators; 1 senator from each class): Angelina Han '22 (as President, ex-officio), Sofia Guerra '22, Yvette Kiptoo '23, Allie Ho '24, Josh Kim '25

Committee on Priorities and Resources (CPR) (2 senators, 2 year terms, elected in different years; one e-board member, 1 year term, without vote): Jae Yun Ham '22 (as Treasurer, ex-officio), Jaden Richards '25, Allie Ho '24

Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) (3 senators, 2 year terms, elected in different years; one student from each the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences): Jalen Woodard '23, Cole Graber-Mitchell '22, Isaiah Doble '25

Community Standards Review Board (CSRB) (4 senators; two year terms): Hannah Kim '25, Sofia Guerra '22, Taha Zafar Ahmad '24, Allie Ho '24

Faculty Committee on Admission and Financial Aid (FCAFA) (2 senators; 2 year terms): Yvette Kiptoo '23, Lori Alarcon '24

Committee on Education and Athletics (1 senator): No current members

Library Committee (2 senators, 1 at-large): Josh Kim '25, Lori Alarcon '24

Title IX Committee (1 senator, 3 at-large): Kya Rincon '22, Gent Malushaga '25, Cecilia Curran '24 (at-large), Katie Sullivan '25 (at-large)

Other Committees

At large members in italics

Powerhouse Committee (1 senator, 3 at-large, campus community coordinator): Andrea Webb '21, Carolyn Thomas '23

Mental Health Fund (1 senator): 

AAS Teaching Award Committee (Secretary, senator volunteers): Noah Kim '22 (as Secretary)

Sexual Respect Task Force (2 senators, two year terms, 5 at-large):

AAS Special Committees

Bicentennial Student Advisory Committee (2 senators from class of 2021, 2 at-large from class of 2021, 5 at-large; two-year terms): Tejia L. Pavao '21, Isiaha J. Price '21

Bicentennial Student Advisory Committee Description

I. The Bicentennial Committee shall be comprised of two class of 2021 senators, two class of 2021 at-large members, and five open at-large seats for two-year terms.

II. The Committee shall be tasked with developing celebrations and events for the bicentennial anniversary of Amherst College, including but not limited to the 200th Commencement.

III. The Committee shall work with members of the Amherst Community, including but not limited to, students and faculty in order to best fulfill the mission of the committee.