Special Circumstances

Special circumstances can impact a student’s financial aid situation, including certain living arrangements or family situations that may change during your time at Amherst. Special Circumstances may result in the need to clarify your situation with the Office of Financial Aid to potentially have adjustments made. Explore the links below for further assistance or specifics that might apply to you.

Appealing Your Financial Aid Decision
You have the opportunity to submit a Financial Aid Appeal Form after your financial aid decision has been determined if you have extenuating circumstances.

Special Family Circumstances
Other special circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

  • Change in employment status, income, or assets
  • Change in parent marital status (separation or divorce)
  • Tuition expenses at an elementary or secondary school 
  • Medical, dental, or nursing home expenses paid that are not covered by insurance 
  • Child or dependent care expenses 
  • Severe disability of the student or other member of the student’s household

Changes in your expected Student Income Contribution (SIC)
If you were unable to earn and save funds over the summer as expected, you may submit a Student Income Contribution Appeal and request either additional academic year work or you may borrow a student loan to make up your shortfall. One in four years, if the reason for the shortfall is the result of unpaid community service or unpaid internship, you may request Amherst College scholarship to replace your SIC. 

Emergency Funds
Amherst College established a Student Emergency Fund for enrolled students who experience financial strain and need additional resources due to temporary hardship.