Philosophy Department Events, 2016-2017

Elliot Samuel Paul Elliot Samuel Paul (Barnard College): “Clarity First: Descartes on Clear and Distinct Perception.”  [Photographs]

Danielle Macbeth Danielle Macbeth (Haverford College): “Sellars on the Rationality of Empirical Inquiry.”  [Photographs]

Jennifer Marusic Jennifer Marusic (Brandeis University): “Locke on Knowledge and Probability.” [Audio & Photographs]

Susan Wolf Susan Wolf (Edna J. Koury Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Eleventh Annual Amherst Lecture in Philosophy. “Aesthetic Responsibility.” [Photographs]

Mary Kate McGowan  Mary Kate McGowan (Wellesley College): “Speech and the Constitution of Harm: Some Case Studies.” [Photographs]

Daniel Jacobson  Daniel Jacobson (University of Michigan): “Freedom of Speech Under Assault on Campus.” [Photographs]

Lynne Tirrell Lynne Tirrell (University of Massachusetts Boston): “Toxic Speech.” [Photographs]

Ishani Maitra Ishani Maitra (University of Michigan): “The Authority of Hate Speech.” [Photographs]

Senior Reception 2017 Senior Reception [Photographs]