Office of the Registrar

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Telephone: (413) 542-2226   
Fax: (413) 542-2327
Office Hours: Monday–Friday  8:30–4:30
(Memorial Day through Labor Day 8:00–4:00)

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar. Please note that Amherst College will be closed Thursday and Friday, December 24 and 25.  Happy Holidays!

The Registrar's office is responsible for the integrity of academic records and the implementaion of College policies regarding the curriculum.

We also provide a variety of services including verification of enrollment and degree, release of transcripts, biographical information, class and finals scheduling, registration and some statistical reporting.


Google map Converse Hall, Room 101

The Registrar’s Office is located in Room 101 of Converse Hall, the brick building with pillars on the southeast corner of the intersection of Route 9 and Route 116. The Five College bus stop is just a few feet down the street from Converse, adjacent to the parking lot. Parking in front of the building and in the lot is by permit only. Parking information for visiting students.

Student Attendance Verification

Credit Grantors, Employers, Insurance Companies and others can verify current attendance of Amherst College students at the National Student Clearinghouse.  Please visit or contact them at: 703-742-4200, 703-318-4058  (fax), or

Degree Verifications

Amherst College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment anddegree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:


By Mail:
National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171


FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

Participation in Commencement Policy

Following faculty vote December 15, 2015- Students within 4 courses of their degree may apply to walk in commencement beginning May 2016.  See link below for more information.  Application available under frequently requested forms.

Participation in Commencement Exercises

Please see the link above for further information concerning the new policy on walking in Commencement.

Spring 2016 Registration/Add/Drop - January 25-February 3, 2016

 Welcome back to campus!  I hope you had a wonderful Winter Break. 

Add/Drop begins Monday January 25 and ends Wednesday February 3

*  Unlike pre-registration, there are no specific times for signing up for classes.  You can create or makes changes to your schedule anytime within these dates with the approval of your advisor.

*   After February 3rd you will not be allowed to make any changes to your schedule. 

If you do not have a full load of courses (4-4.5 classes) by the end of day February 3rd, you will have to come to the Registrar’s Office to make changes.  You will also be charged a late fee of $50.00.  Please note that you can only enroll in more than 4.5 classes with permission of your advisor(s) and Class Dean.  That form is found on the Registrar’s web site under “Frequently Requested Forms”.


This link will give you information about creating your schedule, organizing your meeting with your advisor(s) and submitting your course requests.  Please remember you must check your schedule in ACDATA to verify that your schedule is complete. 

Your advisor’s approval is NOT YOUR REGISTRATION, you must complete the process after your advisor approves your course list. SEE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONLINE REGISTRATIONS.

Report Problems on the Online Registration Tools:

The online registration system is complex and, despite extensive testing, may still have some bugs. Please report using the link below, any problems you have with the online Course Scheduler or with the Registration tools (students) or Advising tools (faculty).

Five College Registration:

If you plan to take a Five-College course, you need to register a placeholder course in ACDATA. Learn how to add a Five College placeholder to your schedule. Remember that you still have to submit an online request via the Registrar's Five College web page as well as complete a permission form to be signed by your advisor.  This form should be turned into the Registrar's Office at 101 Converse Hall.

The permission form for Five College courses can be found on the Registrar’s web site:

Important:  5-college courses require a “placeholder” in ACDATA as well as the five college web registration form. Remember that during Add/Drop, all Five College courses require permission of the instructor.



Forms you may require:

Special Topics Form

Five College Course Request

Election or Change of Major/Advisor Form

Request to Take 5 Courses or 2 Half Courses Form

All of the forms listed above are also available in the Registrar's Office (101 Converse Hall) except for the "Five College Course Request" which is only available via this site.

COURSE LOAD: Students are required to take 4 full courses each semester and may elect an additional half course. The election of a half course in addition to the normal program is at the discretion of the student and does not require special permission.  Students who wish to elect more than one half course must have the permission of the class Dean and academic advisor. 

Overloads: Students may opt to audit a fifth course with the consent of the instructor.  Students who wish to enroll in a fifth course, must have the permission of the class Dean, the academic Advisor and have demonstrated superior academic ability, responsibility and will.

Limited Enrollment Courses: Any enrollment limits on a course are set by individual faculty members who also determine which students will be accepted if the course is oversubscribed.  A student who applies for a limited enrollment course will be notified if he/she is accepted by the instructor.

Consent Courses: If the catalog indicates that a course requires the consent of the instructor, the student should obtain the online instructor approval via ACDATA.

Online Add/Drop Registration information

Special Topics Courses: In addition to registering for the 01 section of the course in ACDATA, students must also complete the Special Topics Course Form. This form requires the signature of the instructor and the instructor's Department Chair. This form must be submitted during add/drop and should include whether a half course or a full course is elected and the title.

Music Performance Courses: Instruction in performance is available on a credit or non-credit basis as described in the catalog. Students should consult the Music Department. All music performance courses require the approval of the Academic Department Coordinator of the Music Department, Suzette Farnham.

Petitions for Exceptions: In those rare cases when a student requests an exception to the faculty regulated course load, the student must complete a Request for Permission Form. (also available in the Registrar's Office).  This form must be signed by the academic advisor and Class Dean.

Non-Continuing Students: Each student planning to depart for an educational leave or to participate in an exchange program to transfer from Amherst or to withdraw for the fall semester  should have already notified his/her Class Dean in writing.

Declaration of Major: Students must complete an Election or Change of Advisor/Major form by the end of the sophomore year. Students without majors are assigned to academic advisors by the Dean of Students' office.  Students with majors are assigned advisors by the Major Department Chair.  Students who elect a double major must receive approval from both academic advisors when registering for courses each semester.  In addition double majors may NOT credit courses from one major to the other without explicit consent of an announced departmental policy or the signature of the Department Chairperson.

Interdisciplinary Majors: Students who desire to construct an interdisciplinary major must submit a proposed program, preferably with the endorsement of one or more professors from each department concerned to the Committee on Special Majors.  If the CSM approves the proposal, it will appoint an ad hoc committee which will have all further responsibility for approving modifications in this program, selecting an advisor, administering an appropriate comprehensive examination and making recommendations for graduation with honors.

Questions concerning interdisciplinary majors may be referred to one of the members of the Committee on Special Majors or Suzanne Coffey, Chief Student Affairs Officer.

Applications for Pass/Fail Option are made available in the Registrar's Office during add/drop period of the semester and must be submitted by the end of that period (February 3).

Pre-medical students should consult Professor William Loinaz, Chair of the Health Professions Committee, if they have any questions about medical school requirements.

Office of Student Affairs and Class Deans:

                               Chief Student Affairs Officer: Suzanne Coffey

                               Dean of Students: Alex Vasquez

                               Dean of New Students- Rick Lopez

                               Dean of Class of 2016 -Charri Boykin-East

                               Dean of Class of 2017- Lyle McGeoch

                               Dean of Class of 2018- Anna Martini


Final Examinations for the fall semester will be held from Tuesday May 10- Saturday May 14 at noon. The Final Examination Schedule will be posted on the Registrar's webpage in late February.

Please call me or my staff with any questions you or your advisor may have.

Best wishes for a wonderful semester,

Kathleen Kilventon