Danielle Benedetto photo
Danielle Benedetto

A Mathematics professor discusses her approach of combining engaging asychronous lectures with office hours and one-on-one appointments in an Intermediate Calculus course, and the benefits that students found of being able to self-pace and check their understanding using the asychronous lecture material and problems.

Teaching Strategies: Lecture, Office Hours

Portrait of smiling woman in pink shirt
Caroline Goutte

A Biology professor describes how she varied class discussion structures and facilitated her students' virtual attendance of a national conference to enhance student engagement in her Developmental Genetics seminar.

Teaching Strategies: Discussion, Labs

Picture of Nicholas Holschuh
Nicholas Holschuh

A Geology professor describes his innovative approach to using laser pointers in a large, introductory STEM class to promote active participation and gather anonymous and immediate information about students’ understanding of course concepts.


Teaching Strategies: Lecture, Discussion, Active Learning

photo of Jallicia Jolly looking at camera
Jallicia Jolly

A professor in Black Studies and American Studies describes how she fostered student motivation in her class through inviting students to identify topics and approaches to class discussions and their final projects.

Teaching Strategies: Discussion, Incorporating Student Feedback, Metacognition

portrait of Molly Mead smiling at camera with arms crossed
Molly Mead

A faculty member in American Studies describes how she restructured her class sessions following the shift to remote teaching to allow students additional autonomy around leading class discussion. Additionally, she describes how she restructured the final presentations in her class to enhance student engagement and reflection on the course material.

Teaching Strategies: Discussion, Group Work, Incorporating Student Feedback, Metacognition

A portrait of Mona Oraby
Mona Oraby

A professor in the department of Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought describes how she partnered with her CTL Student Pedagogical Partner to increase student engagement in class discussions.

Teaching Strategies: Discussion, Incorporating Student Feedback