Amherst Mammoth with speech balloon saying Kudos, Thank you, Great job!

If you do something that you’re proud of, that someone else understands, that is a thing of beauty that wasn’t there before.”
— Teller ’69, of the magician/entertainment duo Penn & Teller

Day in, day out, so many dedicated and talented people at Amherst College step up with smarts and grace, stare down obstacles, and pull off minor miracles. The Amherst Appreciations Program aims to help create a tangible culture of appreciation, in big and small ways. It is the result of the efforts of the Recognition & Rewards Working Group, a collaborative effort led by staff from across the College, and has the unwavering support of our College leadership. Learn about our variety of awards and fun ways to say “Thank you!”

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Amherst Appreciations

Congratulations! Spot Award. Amherst Appreciations. Mammoth stands in a spotlight.

The Spot Award

Supervivors and chairs may give a Spot Award to a staff member for an exceptional accomplishment.

You have received a Staff Shout-Out! Kudos, Thank You, Great Job! Amherst Appreciations

The Staff Shout-Out

Any Amherst staff member can send a Staff Shout-Out to another staff member for a job well done.

Mammoth Milestone. Purple medal with ribbon and the Amherst Mammoth head logo in a circle on the medal.

The Mammoth Milestone

The Mammoth Milestone is given for every five years of service, recognizing staff for their longevity and loyalty.

Amherst College 1821 Award. Purple Holyoke Range background with sun rays.

The 1821 Award

The 1821 Award is given annually to staff who have made substantial achievements or done exceptional work throughout the year.

Herd of the Year. Three Mammoths walk together across the Holyoke Range, carrying flags emblazoned with the Amherst A

The Herd of the Year Award

The Herd of the Year Award is given annually to a team that has made exceptional accomplishments.

Fostering a Culture of Appreciation

As part of our commitment to promoting and supporting a culture of appreciation and gratitude, we encourage supervisors/chairs to recognize staff contributions throughout the year. Learn about more ways to celebrate our contributions.

speech balloons saying Great job! and Thank you!

More Ways to Say Thank You

We as staff recognize one another’s work, service, and achievements every day. Explore our toolkit and find creative ideas and tools for showing appreciation.