The following budget presents typical expenses for an international student at Amherst in the 2020-2021 academic year. The budget includes allowances for living expenses during vacations and holidays.

Student Expense Budget 2020-2021

Comprehensive Fee (tuition, room, and board) $75,800
Other Student Fees $ 1,000
Health Insurance (waivable) $ 2,358
Books and Supplies (estimated) $ 1,000
Personal Expenses (estimated) $ 1,800
College recess expenses (estimated) $ 800
Transportation Costs $ 50-2,500
Total Cost of Attendance $ 82,808 - $85,258

An allowance for one round trip to home is included in the budget. Please note that the transportation allowance does not mean the College will purchase a ticket for your travel costs. You must arrange for your travel and pay the costs yourself.

The College annually evaluates its fees and makes adjustments when necessary. Financial aid awards will always be based on the fees in effect during the year of award.  Students who require financial aid because of changes in fees may apply for assistance in any academic year.

It should be noted that the comprehensive fee covers only a portion of your educational expenses at Amherst. A year of education at the College actually costs approximately $109,000, but income from the College's endowment and from gifts and grants supplies the difference between that amount and the amount students are charged.