There are three main options for faculty looking to publish content to the web for a class or project: 

  1. The main college website: build content on using a variety of display options.
  2. WordPress: when you need functionality beyond what the main site offers.
  3. Web hosting: IT-hosted server space for DIY web projects.

Main College Website 

The Amherst College Website ( is the College's primary online presence. It provides a web-publishing platform for all departments, constituencies, and individuals associated with the College. 

There are many advantages to building content on the main Amherst website: sustainability, accessibility, search optimization, etc. Learn more about editing the college website.


WordPress allows faculty and students to develop individual websites when they need functionality beyond what the main College website provides.

Faculty and students interested in using WordPress should email

Web Hosting

IT can provide a Linux VPS or "virtual private server" for hosting websites for faculty or class projects with requirements that can't be addressed by the College main website or Wordpress. Learn more about web hosting.