Frank Fowler Dow Prize

The Frank Fowler Dow Prizes, established by Fayette B. Dow in memory of his father, are awarded to a senior preparing to enter medical school and whose undergraduate work indicates a career of distinction in medicine.


Kevin Girardi '23
Julian Oluwole '22, Julia Ralph '22, and Angelina Wiater '22
Mickey Jackson '21 and Danielle Reed '21
Kathleen Krieg '20 and Yuxing Ma '20
Emily Flaherty '19
Jingwen Zhang '18
Minjee Kim '17 and Niyi Odewade '17
Gabrielle M. Mayer '16 and Christine A. Rehr '16
Kathryn Sundheim '15
Christine Bierema '14 and Raysa Cabrejo La Torre '14
Jessica Mueller '13
Dalee Margaret Zhou '12
Benjamin Gold '11 and Caitlin Greskovich '11
Phoebe Mark Arbogast '10 and Daniel Wonsoon Kim '10
John S. Barbieri '09
Margaret Ray and Amy DiPilato '08
Nitya Viswanathan and Kipp Weiskopf '07
Narae Ko and Miranda Kim '06
Jivani M. Visaya '05
Alicia J. Little '04
George R. Cheely '03
Michael L. Dougan and Catharine Eleey '02
Christina B. Lynch and Ester H. Rodriguez '01
Jeranil Nuñez and Dana Bae '00
Yassine Daoud and Rina Reyes '99
Giora K. Proskurowski and Anna Victoria Rotberg '98
Doris Chason, Trang Le, and Carolyn Sufrin '97
Monish Bhatia and Ken Solt '96
Damien Sheehan-Connor and Ali Shandani '95
Robert Friday '94
Amir Haghighat '93
Caryn Dutton, Jonathan Crocker, and Gary Brendel '92
Becky Shoemaker and Nancy Sanders '91