Summer 2017 Hours of Operation:

9a-9p, Monday through Friday

The Keefe Campus Center serves as the "hub of activity" on the campus. The Campus Center fosters a supportive and diverse community in which Amherst students may grow personally and professionally. Some of the offices and amenities you will find in the Campus Center include: 

The Office of Student Activities

Located on the bottom floor of Keefe Campus Center, the Office of Student Activities provides programs, facilities, and support for student co-curricular and extracurricular activities and facilitates the interaction of students, faculty and administrators in developing social, cultural and educational programs. The Student Life Office plans weekly social activities through Amherst College After Dark and plans the yearly Interterm program.

The Student Life Office provides advisement, direction, and leadership training to the Campus Activities BoardAssociation of Amherst StudentsBudgetary CommitteeWAMH Radio StationOlio Yearbook, and to the over 100 recognized student organizations at Amherst College. Students are encouraged to explore their interests, take on leadership roles, and engage in whatever it is they are passionate about. The Campus Center staff advises student leaders and supports their activities and is always committed to providing the highest quality service.

Keefe Campus Center also houses our campus radio station, WAMH, and the Campus Post Office.

Interested in hosting an event or program in the Campus Center? Please visit our Planning an Event page for more information!

Amherst College PO Box 5000 
Keefe Campus Center
16 Barrett Hill Drive
Amherst, MA 01002-5000

Phone: 413-542-5773 
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