Keefe Campus Center

Keefe Campus Center & Student Life Office


Amherst College PO Box 5000
Keefe Campus Center
16 Barrett Hill Drive
Amherst, MA 01002-5000

Phone: 413-542-5773
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The Keefe Campus Center serves as the "hub of activity" on the campus.  Within the Campus Center, the Student Life Office provides programs and facilities for student co-curricular and extracurricular activities, as well as programs planned by many student organizations. In addition, the Student Life Office plans the yearly Interterm program and assists with the advertising support for student sponsored programs that are held in the Center.  The Campus Center fosters a supportive and diverse community in which Amherst students may grow personally and professionally.

The building houses student organization offices (including The Amherst Student newspaper and WAMH radio station), a multi-purpose programming room, an 88 seat movie theater, meeting rooms, lounges, a game room, the campus post office, Schwemm's Coffeehouse, the Multicultural Resource Center, the Women and Gender Center and the Center for Community Engagement.

The Student Life Office facilitates the interaction of students, faculty and administrators in developing social, cultural and educational programs. Students are encouraged to take leadership roles and explore their interests. The Campus Center staff advises student leaders and supports their activities, always committed to providing the highest quality service. 

The Student Life Office provides advisement, direction, and leadership training to the Campus Activities BoardAssociation of Amherst Students, Budgetary Committee, WAMH Radio Station, Olio Yearbook, and to the over 100 recognized student organizations at Amherst College.


Keefe Campus Center