IT Services


CrashPlan Data Backup

CrashPlanPROe is a cloud-based backup solution that keeps a secure copy of your data. You can then access this copy to restore your data if your hard disk crashes or if your computer is lost or stolen.

CrashPlan is licensed for College-owned computers only. You can't install it on personally-owned computers.

ESET Virus/Malware Protection

The College licenses ESET Antivirus/Anti-malware software for protection against viruses, spyware, potentially harmful and unwanted applications and other types of malware. ESET comes pre-installed on all College computers. Students may download ESET for use on one computer. Each current employee (Faculty and Staff) may download ESET for use on one computer per person for work at home use. 

Email Protection

The IT Systems & Network Group (SNG) perform spam monitoring and filtering for Amherst email mailboxes. When it is found that an Amherst or Five College email account is spamming, the IT Help Desk will notify the user and ask him or her to change their password.

Even with spam/nuisance email monitoring, some spam and problematic emails get through. To help with this issue, IT offers an anti-spam email protection service called ExBlock. Exblock is an application created by the Amherst IT department to help deal with spam and unwanted or nuisance email messages.