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Network Storage

Department Network Storage

Most administrative departments have access to a department network share that is automatically accessible to all members of the department. In addtion, a pilot program is underway to create department network shares for academic departments.

Personal Network Storage

All students, faculty, and staff are given a personal storage share on the Amherst network. Often called the "U: drive" (because the Windows server logon script maps it to drive letter U:), it provides safe, secure storage for files that you don't need to share with others.

Project Network Storage

If you have a need for network storage that is greater than your personal network storage provides or that needs to be accessed by people from many departments, you can request a project share by calling the Help Desk. Usually created on the Storage server, project share have far looser storage limits than personal storage shares.


WebDAV is a standard interface that lets you access Amherst storage shares from any web browser and many mobile apps.

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