Network Storage

Project Network Storage

If you have a need for network storage that is greater than your personal network storage provides or that needs to be accessed by people from many departments, you can request a project share by calling the Help Desk. Usually created on the Storage server, project share have the capacity for higher storage limits than personal storage shares.


WebDAV is a standard interface that lets you access Amherst storage shares from any web browser and many mobile apps.

Department Network Storage

Most administrative departments have access to a department network share that is automatically accessible to all members of the department. In addtion, a pilot program is underway to create department network shares for academic departments.


Dropbox provides a self-service model for cloud storage that makes file sharing and collaboration effortless: it allows you to store and synchronize your digital assets across multiple devices, share folders or files in their native format, send file requests, and collaborate with others within and outside of Amherst College without the need to contact IT.