IT Services

Accounts and Passwords

Alumni Accounts

Amherst College provides electronic accounts to all alumni throughout their lives. These accounts allow them to interact with a variety of College services such as the Alumni website and their Amherst profile.

Amherst Account

The IT department creates and maintains electronic accounts that allow people to access college systems and do college work.

Colleague Account

Employees who need to interact with the Ellucian Colleague system, either directly via the Colleague user interface or though various reporting tools supplied by Administrative Information Systems, require a Colleague account.

Family and Friends Account

An Amherst Account that lets family and friends (usually parents and/or guardians) view the student bills of an Amherst student.

Note that following the 2014/2015 academic year Family and Friends accounts will be discontinued. The College will begin working with an outside vendor to provide familes with access to student bills and other account information.

Visitor Access

Oftentimes, visitors to the College--lecturers, presenters, etc--need to be able to log into College computers in order to use a projection system in a classroom or lecture hall. The VISIT account lets them do so.